BOOK / CATALOGUE 'The Russian Moment':


- 'THE RUSSIAN MOMENT - 20 world's leading photographers expedition in Russia, July 2013', 240 pages, RIA Novosti, 2013.


  Including essays on Russian photography and selection of works of myself and 19 more photographers representing the last G20 countries, with specific new own photo-works in Russia on the G20 theme 'Labour and Progress'.


# contents:


- Introduction:

"Photography as universal language", by Sergei Zuev

"Russian photo expedition (19th-20th centuries)" by Andrei Baskakov

"Enchanting Provinces", by Andrei Baskakov

"Early Social Photography in Russia" by Andrei Baskakov

"Russian Colour Album" by Andrei Baskakov

"Americans 'Cut the Window' on the Soviet Union" by Andrei Baskakov

"Soviet Photography of 1930s" by Andrei Baskakov


- The 20 Photographers involved in project:

Martin Kollar (Slovakia) - Pablo Monasterio (Mexico) - Louisa Marie Summer (Germany) - Chan-Hyo Bae (Korea) - Stanley Greene (USA) - Emiliano Cavicchi (Italy) - Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin (United Kingdom) - Guillaume Zuili (France) - Pablo Bartholomew (India) - Dean Sewell (Australia) - Attila Durak (Turkey) - Hajime Kimura (Japan) - Jodi Bieber (South Africa) - Anya Chibis (Canada) - Joao Kehl (Brazil) - Lek Kiatsirikajorn (Thailand/Indonesia) - Hai Zhang (China) - Kent Klich (Sweden/Denmark) - Alejandro Kirchuk (Argentina) - Vladimir Vyatkin (Russia)



# project Concept: Anna Shpakova, Ria Novosti Photo Director


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