This is a page where I collect my contributions to the International Center of Photography Library Blog, started on July 2013. The beautiful Library of the ICP, located in the main building of the Center in New York City, is one of the most well curated and furnished on Photography, and the Blog is full of reviews and news about.


 Honored by this task, every blog will be posted here, with the ICP Library Blog link. My page in ICP Library Blog: https://icplibrary.wordpress.com/author/emjl7/


 La pagina con traduzione in ITALIANO di tutti gli articoli QUI

- November 14 2016 'If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologise' | Photography & Sport |



- 8 February 2016 'The good singing hurts, but with the lights on it's less dangerous' | Photography & Music |



- 6 February 2015 'I’m the Station’s night owl tonight, and the Sky is not the limit' | Photography & Exploration |



- 14 July 2014  'Luigi Ghirri, the Absolute Fascination of the Image' | Photography & Perception |


- 18 July 2013 'THE AMERICANS LIST' and some things you cannot buy at the store' | Photography & Photographers |