I. Marrakesh

"..train taken from Casablanca, overcrowded, with doors fully open during ride. Magnificient warms colors of Atlas mountains. Young Moroccan women entered from small town stop, with children on their shoulders wraped by veil, henna tatoos on their arms. Photos not possible, but wonder posses me. E' bellissimo. Crossing Italy in the past century, you would see similar scenes in small towns at South [..] Marrakesh. Probable origin of the name is Berber words 'mur (n) akush' which means "Land of God". Inside the big Red Walls is the Medina (old city). Easy to be lost in the largest Suk (market) of Morocco, be called by somebody in the crowd. A man showed me his carpet family store in his private home. At night the main square Jamaa el Fna lights up, with street sellers and smokes of the grilled food.."




"..Early morning. Empty city is awaking. I start wandering in Kennaria area.. mysterious stone broken orange arch, sun increasing in narrow streets, shaping the beautiful Arabic doors, and then the Kasbah, where Royal Palace is.. Again a quiet local market.. Day is just starting.."



.. then, going to town of Essaouira